TIME        DESCRIPTION OF TALK                                                                                         COMPANY  & NAME

1.00pm Identify Kanuka honey using a fast and affordable lab test. Analytica can now distinguish Kanuka honey from other floral types, including Manuka, using a lab based chemistry test. Analytica

Dr Jacob Jaine


1.06pm Bee management software and colony heartbeat sensors for small medium and large scale beekeeping operations. BuzzTech Ltd

Julian McCurdy


1.12pm As leaders for the last 20 years in Honey extraction machinery we intend to continue pushing into new areas. One is a fully automated extraction process. Boutelje Products Ltd

Peter Stott




A new patented corner access top feeder ensures the bees can access every drop regardless of the hive angle. Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies

NZ Ltd

Bruce Clow

1.24pm In FMGs experience, apiary industry claims are often big losses that have significant impact on the business. We’ll share our knowledge on the key areas of risk associated with the main stages of all areas of production. FMG Insurance

Matt Harvey

1.30pm Honey Testing: A brief address about uncertainty of measurement in laboratory analysis of honey samples. Hill Laboratories

Dr Jonno Hill


1.36pm The commercial and environmental benefits of monitoring your beehives’ weight and well-being, and what tools we provide to help you do this. Hivemind

Bryan Hoyt


1.42pm Show short video of our product.



Reece Dillon

1.48pm KOBEE Bee Nutrition, the new bee feed tonic which is achieving some great results with their beekeepers throughout the country. NZ Seaweeds

Wayne Roberts

1.54pm A cloud based operations management tool that enables you to efficiently manage the complexities of your beekeeping operation. MyApiary Ltd

Darren Bainbridge


2.00pm New advances in varroa control: how hops are for bees, not just for beer. A new weapon in the Integrated Pest Management approach to varroa control. Vita (Europe) Ltd

Sebastian Owen


2.06pm Waikaitu is introducing an innovative solution for honey bee nutrition. Why sugar just isn’t good enough. Waikaitu Ltd

Alex Pressman

2.12pm We have designed Beekeepers protective gear with some unique features on the hood and body. Removeable plastic insert on our folding veil keeps veil away from the face. OZ ARMOUR, FASE Traders Pty Ltd


2.18pm Based on functionality proven in the field over the last 4 years, ‘HiveTo’ is the software which incorporates new enhancements to evolve the benefits of mobile hive management, traceability and inventory management.



Nick Pickering