The Apiculture New Zealand Photography competition is held annually at the industry national conference. It is an integral part of the honey and photography show, showcasing the skill of the photographer in highlighting the life of bees, beekeeping and the wider industry in media/print form.

The competition seeks an annual sponsor who has naming rights for that year’s competition. The sponsorship allows for the purchase of trophies including Supreme winner, Medals for the winning class entries of; Close-up, Scenic, Portrait, and Essay, and certificates which are awarded applicably.

The competition is open to all members of Apiculture New Zealand Inc.

The judging team is led by an appointed reputable photographer who is selected from the region where the conference is being held. The judges will provide feedback and direction relating to your photos.
Industry participants are encouraged to get involved; photography is a fantastic way to record the activities of the honeybee and those who participate in our industry.

The “People’s Choice” Award is judged by the conference participants and it is always hotly contested.  Recipients of the Supreme Award and the People’s Choice Award are recognised during the Award presentations at the Conference Dinner.

Have some fun, enjoy your photography and please submit a photo of your experiences in our industry.


APINZ National Photo Competition – Entry Rules

APINZ National Photo Competition – Entry Form

APINZ National Photo Competition – Classes

APINZ National Photo Competition – Judging Criteria