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Apiculture New Zealand extends to you a warm and friendly invitation to join us at our National Conference 2017 in Rotorua. This year offers informative and inspiring speakers, including Randy Oliver from USA, and Yves le Conte from France. There will also be seminars, interactive workshops and an outstanding tradeshow exhibition, the largest ever assembled.

Conference 2017 will create the opportunity for you to learn, build on your knowledge and understand what makes this exciting industry tick. Your attendance will send a clear message of support to the many sponsors and trade exhibitors who contribute to this conference and to the wider industry each year.

The programme covers a full three days and is suitable for all beekeepers, non-commercial and commercial, packers, exporters and the wider supplier network.

Attendance packages range from one day to three days, plus the Apiculture New Zealand AGM on the 12th July; thus providing options for those who are unable to attend the full programme.

Diary 9-11 July 2017 now, and book your spot at Conference 2017



Registration is now open!

There will be plenty of opportunity to share stories, enjoy camaraderie and friendship with fellow delegates and attendees from the national and international apiculture community.

Please be aware that New Zealand has extremely strict biosecurity rules around beekeeping and apiculture, International Delegates must not bring in to the country any used beekeeping equipment, used beekeeping clothing or bee products of any description (honey, wax, pollen, etc) because of the risks they pose to the apiculture industry.

We look forward to seeing you in Rotorua!

Counting to 10am 9th July, 2017